The Dessert Food Tour

Do you have a sweet tooth? Would you like to take a stroll down an historic city while tasting delicious deserts from some of the best historical restaurants in Ybor City.

We will visit 5 Sweet tasting locations in Ybor city. Your tastebuds will sure to be satisfied while we taste desserts from Greece, Cuba, Italy, and others cultures!

We will taste desserts like the Greek Baklava, Italian Cannoli, & the Cuban “tocino del cielo”. All of which will make your mouth one “happy camper”! All food and drink tastings are included in your ticket price of


3 Hours

Centro Ybor located at 600 E. 7th Avenue, Center of Ybor, Tampa, FL 33605

Attire: Comfortable shoes & Clothing

What will I be doing on the tour??

Food Tastings – Our guided tours of Ybor City we will visit between 5 locations to enjoy dessert samplings enough to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Ybor is filled with rich culture and restaurants that take pride in sharing their culture with you. Ybor City has many cultures from Greek Restaurants, to Italian Restaurants, to the famous Cuban Restaurants. While the culture is rich in Ybor after an afternoon of dessert tasting, you too will agree that even their award winning dessert dishes are worth writing about!

Between tastings you will get an insider’s view of this rich city as you stroll the busiest street in Ybor, 7th Avenue! Our enthusiastic, local guides share their knowledge and recommendations of architectural gems, witty stories, exciting night attractions, and any upcoming events in this exciting city!

This is the first, original tour of this kind. During our tour we will help you eat, explore, and experience Ybor City’s cuisine and cultural gem. During your guided tour, you will be introduced to Ybor City in such a way that the experience alone will leave you knowing why it was placed in the National Historic Registry! Once you leave your tour guide, you will be confident to explore this great city alone with enjoyment!


  • Time: 12:30pm

  • What’s Included: All food tastings, enough for a hearty lunch; a guided tour; and exclusive tasting location coupons

  • Who: All fitness levels & All Ages

  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours

  • Distance Covered: Approximately 1.5 miles

  • Capacity: Up to 20 people per tour

  • Dietary Requirements: With notice, we can fulfill most requests

  • What to Bring: Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, bottled water, rain gear (as needed), camera, and recommended gratuity for your tour guide.