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Ybor City Food Tour, Inc was established in 2014 to become the first food walking tour in the city of Tampa.

The need for a tour as such was long overdue with all the historical landmarks and great food tastes that help make Ybor City a tourist attraction that will become a Must-See when visiting Tampa.

The history of Ybor City is so rich that it dates back as far as 1885 when it was first established. Ybor City is a historic neighborhood that is located just northeast of Downtown Tampa, and north of the Port of Tampa. The neighborhood has distinct architectural buildings that reflects it multi-ethnic composition.

What We Serve

Although the original population was mostly composed of Cuban and Spanish immigrants who worked in the cigar factories, there have been many Italians, Eastern-European Jewish, and so many other heritages that have formed a unique blend of beauty that continues to grow today.

Among the vastly different cultures that exist, remains the culinary experience of Ybor City. The Mouth-Watering Cuban Sandwiches, Rich Columbia Cafe Con Leche, Cuban Rice & Beans, Key Lime Pie, are only a few food choices that make this tour a MUST for your “To Do In Tampa” list!

What We Do

This historical, foodie adventure is a 3-hour walking tour where you will visit historical landmarks in Ybor City and SAVOR THE TASTE OF YBOR by tasting the ethnic foods that 4 cultures (The Germans, Italians, Spanish, & Cubans) began in 1885. After a day of fun, learning, and great food you will see why Ybor City made it on the map of America’s National Historic Districts!.

Although our tours are during the daytime, Ybor City is known for the live streets filled with fun at night. With all the nightclubs, restaurants, and live bands in Ybor City you don’t want to miss out on the chance to enjoy, experience, and indulge in the culture.

Come out and enjoy this great city with us we have a staff of EXCELLENT Tour Guides waiting to spoil you!

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